Learn how DATalent has transformed teams and individuals.
"My first call when we have the need for IT talent is to DATalent, and specifically, to Ruth Smith.  It is refreshing to receive quality candidates that I know have been thoroughly screened.  I can personally pull resumes off of job posting sites, but I don’t want to -- I want to know that my agency partner has done the leg work for me and that only candidates that have been given the seal of approval from the DATalent team, are sent to me for consideration.  The purpose of using an agency is to have a “right hand”, and I consider DATalent my right hand for recruiting IT talent."
VP Human Resources
"I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth and Susanna twice over the past two years and both times they set themselves apart from the other recruiters I came in contact with. They took the time to actually sit down and talk with me about what I wanted and where I came from. That always left me feeling like they weren’t just attempting to fill a position, they were truly trying to place me at a job they knew I would excel at and love. I found the opportunity to work with them an absolute pleasure, and am incredibly thankful I picked up the phone the first time they called!"
Software Engineer
"DATalent closed the gap so well the interview process was about cultural fit instead of technical skills. Before I expected I was closing an offer with my new employer. DATalent knew how to find the right place for me."
Software Engineer
"DATalent has an incredible talent of connecting with people and understanding what it means to truly help a situation.  The team at DATalent  is able to better qualify our candidates as well as educate our team members with  their extensive IT background."
VP of Operations
"DATalent has searched for and presented some of our best technology talent over the past 2 years. We appreciate their ability to listen and understand our needs which has translated into building a great team."
"Susanna was, hands down, the best recruiter I've worked with. She was genuinely interested in me and finding me a role I could excel in, not just try to submit me for the first listing to come across like my experience with most recruiters. DATalent was amazing and I definitely credit them for getting into my current position. They personally recommended me for the position and I could tell that meant a lot to me and the interviewer. Thank you Susanna!"
Software Engineer
"I have been so impressed with my experience with DATalent from the very first phone call. I felt time was invested in me on the front end to know exactly what not only I was looking for but also what would fit with my talents.  The DATalent team kept me updated on every step through the entire process even if that meant messages after normal business hours.  There was no doubt the team believed in me and represented my talents enough to get an interview which eventually landed my new position.  I am appreciative of the professional yet still personal manner that was displayed throughout the process.  This experience has definitely changed my somewhat jaded view of recruiting firms to a much more positive perspective!  Thank you Susanna and the whole DATalent team!"
"Thank you for your help in finding my current position. I am really enjoying what I do and the people I work with.Quite a few recruiters reached out to me with opportunities in the 3 years before we talked. Each time I would listen and consider the opportunity. After explaining what I work with on a daily basis, they would still try to match me to a position based on my title instead of my skill-set. I felt like they were checking off boxes to match a candidate with a slot and didn't care about my actual skill set. You were different. After explaining what I work with on a daily basis, you understood my skill-set and how they aligned to the position you were trying to recruit for. You understood that I was a good fit for the position based on my skills and not my title.When it comes down to it, you listening is what got you the recruit when all the other recruiters had failed."
"I would also like to thank you for being such a diligent recruiter. I've had so many people contact me about job positions that they are trying to fill that have no grasp of technology, and when I reply to them, they fail to get back to me. I was impressed by how much you knew about programming languages and frameworks when we spoke on the phone yesterday; although you may not be a developer yourself, I felt that you had a general understanding of what us nerds do for a living."
Fullstack Developer